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  In cooperation with international designers, Steeltown® Metalldesign are planning and manufacturing functional, high quality, innovative furnishings, which will keep up with our customers’ standards one’s whole life.

The results are many different versions of straight-lined seating and standing furniture which are highly mobile in handling and appearance and thus function as a sign of highly mobile times. We have lust for ideas and the courage to try out new ventures.

Many Steeltown® Metalldesign designs, like the table “Zick Zack”, were created while planning and manufacturing industrial design for theatre backdrops and scenery, shop fittings or booths. Benefiting from Steeltown-Metalldesign’s profound material know-how, allows Steeltown® Metalldesign to consistently make new solutions possible, because good ideas have a strong reference to real life.

Our factory is located on the former barracks grounds from emperor times in the heart of Berlin.

Here, all stages of production come together. Our policy is that of short communication channels, transparency and minimal costs. We have a functioning network on our hands, keep our deadlines and respect the creative freedom of others. We operate as a compact team, fast and unusual – our ideas and objects offer solutions for decades.

Your Steeltown® Metalldesign team